Valerin Produces the ACROW Temporary Bridge Video

The Valerin Group was tasked with editing and producing an informational video that showed the construction and installation of the ACROW temporary bridge on I-75 over University Parkway. This is the widest temporary bridge being utilized in the United States.

Another Big Win for Valerin!

Valerin, as part of the HNTB Team, will provide public involvement services for FDOT’s PD&E for the SR-9/I-95 from SW 10th St. to Hillsboro Blvd. project in Broward County. This project proposes improvements to the I-95 partial cloverleaf interchanges at SW 10th St. and Hillsboro Blvd. and along I-95 from just south of the SW 10th St. interchange to just north of the Hillsboro Blvd. interchange. The project also proposes improvements along both SW 10th St. and Hillsboro Blvd. in the vicinity of I-95.

Another Public Involvement Win for Valerin with FDOT in District Five

Valerin is excited to be providing public involvement services through Propel Engineering for FDOT District Five’s SR 406 from E. of Petty Circle to Washington Ave. RRR project in Brevard County. This project consists of milling and resurfacing all travel lanes and adding bicycle lanes.

Valerin Working with FDOT District One on the DRMP Team

As part of the DRMP Team, Valerin will be providing public involvement services as needed for the recently awarded Districtwide Minor Design Consultant Contract for FDOT District One.

Valerin Serves as Public Involvement Consultant on KCA Team

Valerin is proud to be serving as the public involvement consultant as part of the KCA Team that recently won FDOT District Five’s SR 528 from E. of SR 524 (Industry Road) to E. of SR 3 design project in Brevard County.

Another Project Win with Connelly & Wicker

Valerin is part of the Connelly & Wicker Team selected for FDOT District Five’s SR5/US1 S. of Suntree Blvd. to N. of Suntree Blvd. safety project in Brevard County. Valerin will be leading the public involvement efforts for this project.